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The State Association serves its members and the AFA by functioning as an administrative control unit and as the unifying element among local AFA chapters. A state organization may also sponsor statewide programs or projects. State organizations have a primary responsibility for providing assistance (organizational and financial) to groups interested in organizing a local chapter, and for assisting in every way possible those units already in existence. They also have primary responsibility within the Association for assuring that each chapter is administered properly, conducts the required number and types of programs each year, submits the required reports in the desired format, and maintains at least the minimum required number of members. The responsibilities of the State President and officers are numerous, and the proper fulfillment of these duties is vital to the success of the Association at the state and local levels. For example the AFA and both Chapters provided the following support to Little Rock AFB, AFROTC, AFJROTC, CAP, ANG and Teachers

Arkansas Squadrons/Chapters

The first AFA organization in Arkansas was called the Little Rock Squadron of the Air Force Association. As the Air Force Association matured and the organizing in Arkansas expanded with, the Razorback, Blytheville, and Ouachita squadrons (later called chapters) were organized. The Ouachita Chapter was renamed to honor Arkansas Native and the financial organizer of the 8th AF Historical Museum, BG Lewis E. Lyle.
The Razorback and Blytheville chapters were closed  and members integrated into the Lyle and Terry Chapters. A new state organization directed  by National AFA to bring together multiple organizations was chartered insas as well in other states that had more than one AFA chapter.

Arkansas State Minutes
Arkansas State AFA

State and Chapters award costs



Quarterly Awards - Membership to AFA



Annual Awards Membership to AFA



Combat Airlifter of the week



**Pitsenbarger Grants



The State Association also awards plaques to



AF/AFJROTC  and CAP unit and cadet of the year



188AW, 189AW 913 AG,314 AW ,and 19 AW



Airman of the Year and memberships



Community Partner Recognition Award & Banquet



**AFA Chapter Teacher of the year Awards



**AFA State Teacher of the year Awards



Timothy W. Kehler scholarship






* total possible membership costs if every awardees' returns the membership application



** paid by AFA HQ