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August 14, 2021


1. President Reichenbach called the meeting to order at 11:00 AM at the Wood Grill Café in Benton. In attendance were Jerry Reichenbach, Ann Reichenbach, Ruth Elmer, Bill Kehler, Larry Louden, Wayne Cullins and Marleen Eddlemon.


2. Minutes of the November 9, 2019 meeting were presented by Jerry. Upon motion by Marleen, seconded by Bill, the motion to approve the minutes carried.


3. Treasurer’s report was presented by Bill. Upon motion by Marleen, seconded by Ann, the treasurer’s report was approved.


4. Chapter Reports:  Jerry – DDT not doing much due to COVID. He met with Col. Smith, Mission Support Commander and with 19th Wing Commander and Command Chief about AFA programs.

   Larry – LEL last meeting in Feb 2020. Made TOJ presentation at schoolboard meeting. Stays in touch with members by emails.


5. Reports

a. Membership: DDT Chapter - 404 + 21 CP = 425. LEL Chapter - 269

b. Aerospace Education: Education awards have been given out.

TOY award:  Rachell Wooten – Caldwell Elementary, Benton

STOY award: Laura Veazy – Hot Springs Junior Academy.

Airman of the Year: TSgt Andrew Arguelles of the 314th

c. Communication: Marleen reported Website maintenance is going well

d. Government Relations: Jerry attended Veteran’s Coalition meeting. Mainly about bylaws and constitution. There will be another meeting next week,

e.  Flag Education: Up in the air. New gentleman taking over the program. Covid restrictions may prevent presentations. Asking AFJROTC to help. Ruth said she received a new AFROTC/ AFJROTC roster. She will forward to Jerry.


6. Old Business

a.  2021 Retiree Appreciation Day – cancelled

b. AFROTC awards presented by mail

c. No CAP Cadet or Unit of the year nominations received

d. Only 314th nomination received. None from 19th, 189th, 188th, 913th.


7. New Business

a. Bob Largent would like to have $500 to attend the national AFA convention. Marleen made a motion to pay Bob from DDT chapter, with LEL chapter and state each reimbursing DDT $170.00, after the convention, with the proviso tha he attends the next state meeting to give a report. The motion carried.

b. We are receiving no support payments

8. Next meeting will be in September 9, 2021 at the Bar B Q Shack.


9. Adjourn

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